Mycloud ex2 ultra bricked after os5 update

Well another update to cause my ex2 to fail. Do these things ever work after an update? Big message to update to os5, so ok, fine. 3 hours later, cant login, cant do anything, no make new password, no “next”.
power reset the unit, and then…nothing, not on network, even direct connect to pc, nothing, not there. So now I have a blue power light and 2 red lights that were my hard drives… lost everything. Pictures, movies, music, documents. I think it is time to get my old dvds out and burn everything to back up my stuff. Why are these home servers made to fail after a couple of years. 2 red wd 1 tb hard drives are now done, unless I format them, and therefore lose all my stuff, if there is anything left. Did they even test the update before releasing it?

You may find more solutions contacting WD directly then posting here about your experience interrupting an update by unplugging the NAS.

The update was only to take a 15 minutes, according to WD… so 3 hours later, I would assume it is over.

If WD is unable to help you, you can check out the thread below that is a bit old but may offer some insight into how to get back to a working NAS. Again, go to WD first…

Keep in mind the below link is about the single bay My Cloud and may not be relevant to your unit:
** Check out @Bennor’s post below for a bit more insight into this.

Please Note: Most of the information in that post is specific to the single bay/single drive My Cloud device and may not be relevant to the multi bay My Cloud models. Following the directions to unbrick a single bay My Cloud on a multi bay My Cloud model may result in the loss of user data or bricking the unit. The link does have information for some other My Cloud models. Make sure to see and or follow any directions for unbricking that is specific to your My Cloud model.

I have had the same problem, I have updated the NAS and it has not worked.
I have the hard drive LEDs in blue but the power LED in red.
And the network interface LEDs are off so I can’t connect to the WD.

Good catch @Bennor, I’ll change my post so no one misses yours :slight_smile:

my problem is that it was not correctly detecting the disk of bay 2.
I turned off the WD, took out the drive, and turned it back on. It was successfully updated.
When I finished setting it up, I turned it off, re-inserted the second disk and everything was OK.

Got a similar problem here with my My Cloud Mirror 2. Completed the update and able to access the new dashboard. However, got 2 red lights and unable to access my data.