Update to OS5 failed on Mycloud EX2 Ultra - 10Nov2021

Hello community,
I just bought a Mycloud EX2 Ultra.

Connected it to my home network and managed to set it up from a Macbook air last generation (don’t know the numbers anymore).
I could connect to it via the “portal” and launch a first firmaware update bringing it to a version 2.something.

After the update, I could connect to it and started browsing to my newly set up device.

I was proposed to upgrade to cloud OS5 and started the update.
However, the upgrade never proceeded beyond 75% progress. It froze and shut.
Now when I try to connect to my NAS it does not allow me to connect. Yet it seems to be online per what “Fing” says.
Fing is a network scanning app I installed on my android smartphone.

Can anyone suggest a troubleshooting please?
For now

  • I posted a ticket for the help
  • I saw there is a hard reset (40 sec pressing on reset button) and a soft reset (4 sec pressing on reset button) but I am reluctant to use it because I understand that it only resets settings not OS.
  • I saw there is no way to rollback to previous OS.
  • I did not see any manual install method (thrpough USB stick for instance)
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The following WD Support Article may offer some suggestions on what to do when an update to OS5 fails.

My Cloud OS 5: Firmware Update Failed Message

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Thank you very much. Quick and efficient. It did the job perfectly.