Unable to set Remote cloud access

Hello to community,

For weeks now Im trying to set the Remote cloud access but no luck.

Im using a D-Link 655 router and a se to upnp option to ‘ON’.

I set a static IP to my WD MyCloud device and I set all the needed IPs and details.

I reserved the IP on my dlink router.

I tried to open the ports on my router, but I still getting a Relay connection. I dont know whats going wrong. I took a few screenshots for you.

I will be really glad if you could help me.

Screenshot 2014-09-01 17.45.33.jpg

I cannot see 2 pictures, but I can see the other 2. I suppose you configured the NAS UI to indicate that port 80 traffic should be expected through external port 8080, etc.

Did you try to reboot the NAS? I have had the same issue and rebooting would take care of it. Lately, I simply enabled UPnP on the router and left remote access on the NAS to “auto”. It worked better, but you don’t know which external ports are used, which can be a complication in some cases (like managing security exceptions in the Java plugin).

Etupes, I tried almost everything. I dont know what else to do. Locally the disk is working perfect but the remote access.

I too can’t see your bottom two photos. Here is a image of my Remote Access settings, configuration is Auto.

I have had the Relay connection show up a couple of times and what I did was unplug my router at the router, wait one minute then plug it back in and that solved the problem.

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cat0w (USA)

Thanks for your replys guys.

I dont know how but now it says: “Connected , Port forwarding connection established.”

But it doesnt say “Ready” and I cant reach it through ex.IP:port. Is it normal?

Update: cat0w, I just noticed the same on your screenshot. So I suppose is normal. So everything its ok now. 

I wish I knew what happened, but anyway im glad that its seems ok

Yes, if it’s says “Connected , Port forwarding connection established”, all is fine.

You won’t be able to reach the UI from the outside. You can only access the shares through the mobile apps or wd2go.com or through WDMyCloud Desktop app.