No remote access available

Dear all!

Just a few days ago, I bought a My Cloud NAS to get my own cloud system in my home.

Concerning the local network, it works properly, but I have problems with the remote access. 

First of all, the automatic setup didn’t and the My Cloud system didn’t get any internet connection at all.

So I tried to configure it manually. Portforwarding with the standard TCP ports (80 and 443) also didn’t work so I know used two other ports and my My Cloud now has at least relay connection. But still I don’t get any external access to the My Cloud system. Using my smartphone and tablet apps, both gadgets still can’t connect and if I try to connect via wd2go I get back to the login screen, right after I entered my login data. There is no other screen, after logging in, I just get right back to the login screen. How can I setup my My Cloud system or my router to get a working remote access?

Unfortunately, my router doesn’t support upnp :frowning: .

The service is down. See the sticky moderator posts at the top of the main thread page. No remote access available at this time so dont waste too much of your time messing around until they fix their servers. Hope this help.s

Seems to be (at lest sort of) working now, but had to turn off remote access and then turn it back on… It still seems flakey at best…