Unable to send Folder Invites

I am unable to send invites to share folders. I have reset. I have searched email spam folders etc.
Everything else is working perfect. But when I create a folder and try to invite someone the email doesn’t arrive.
The invitee is showing in the folder as having access. And when it try to delete them that fails as well.
Also when I try to share the folder as view only i get a message saying server error.
I have shared folders as recently as last week with no problems. This seems to have just started in the last few days.
I am based in Ireland, anyone else with the same issues?


Similar issues being unable to create Share Links on the P.C., or when signed in to my Account at WD. Also share link not downloading from a Browser, and reporting an error.

This is clearly a problem with the WD Server system, but we ALL MUST report it to WD themselves as soon as possible.

One other as well as myself with similar issues, but to my knowledge I am the only on who has chatted to Customer Support, so they think the problem must be here. It is not…

PLEAS contact WD via their ‘Chat’ and report this as soon as possible. They will not accept your word at first (sigh).

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I have spent about an hour on to customer support via online chat. In the end the concluded its a problem on my end probably to do with my ISP blocking or filtering their emails.
I highly doubt thats the issue. It wouldnt explain why i get a spinning wheel when I try to create a share link - just endless spinning wheel, link never gets created. Thats not an email issue.

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Also wouldnt explain why I cant delete a collaborater after I create them. Says they have been removed, but their name is still showing. Then when I try and send them another invite it says they are already collaborating. So it says they have been removed but them says they collaborating so cant be added. THese are not email issues.

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The inability to create shares is a common issue now on more than one recent post. I sympathise with WD Contact Agents who in probably 95% of cases are being asked about matters that are not related to WD’s Servers / Software playing u.

They no doubt just work through a check sheet of questions, but now it is obvious the problem must be at their end and the ONLY way to convince them is if others do tests and keep reporting this.

WD do not want to believe it is their end. Only enough complaints will get them to act quickly.

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I have exactly the same problem. Help desk explanations about our problems ridiculous.

The problem is either with their servers or in the latest update.

Especially considering that this bug manifested itself in several users at once.

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I can confirm that functionality to share folders, files, albums, and media is broken. Links previously shared also stopped working. This happens from desktop, mobile, and web, so it’s definitely on WD side.


Has anyone solved the problem?

Anche a me da ieri sera non fa condividere i file. Non crea il link

Impossible to solve at the User end. This MUST be a problem with WD Servers / Software. It is happening to too many people in the last 24 hours or so. Alas no sign they are ready to, or wish to acknowledge that. If WD do not fix it they can soon expect sales of the Home drive to cease totally. The Units are all but redundant without being able to sign in, create share links, or download links via a Browser.

The annoying thing is the problems are so easy to test and verify on WD’s part.

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Idem pour moi. Les liens ne sont pas envoyés. C’est inadmissible.
A quoi sert un cloud si on ne peut partager ses fichiers ?

Il y a un humain qui sait lire et coder chez WD ?

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