email window does not work for sharing folder and links

I find this really annoying!!!

When using this window to save time I entered multiple emails separated by comas with an optional message.

None of the emails arrived.

What is wrong with WD email support. I was able to get a link, long and ugly, and use my email to send.

But I should not have to.

What is wrong. Why is the email not being sent using the WD email window.


@RLMWD After deciding what you wanted to share, entering the email addresses and your message did you click on Share? If you did once the sharing was completed you should have seen a message saying the sharing was successfully completed. Did you see this message? See image below.


Thanks for replying I did see that message, but for whatever reason the emails never arrived.

Not sure what happened.

I have had mixed results sharing picture folders with my clients with the MyCloud device.

I am never sure what they receive. I wish WD would take a look at this because this is an important reason why I bought the device. Makes it easy to email large folders, and files, pictures, etc.

Thanks again,

Are the recipients who are not receiving the email messages all using one specific email provider like Gmail, Hotmail, etc.? Have the people you are sending the emails to checked their spam/bulk email folder?

Some are icloud mail with apple, some have other domains, not sure why this happened. It seems like I have more problems with My cloud mail sharing. Thanks