Unable to see My Book Live in our home net


Please I bought a My Book LIve 3tb
but am unable to see that harddisk in my home net.

ZyXEL has firefall which is now put down to enable My Book Live to be seen in my home net,

however My Book Live is not in this home net.

Ethernet cable goes from Modem to My Book

and from modem to the laptop.

Please quide me, I have tried all I can, but wo far am unable to solve this problem!

Thank You so much!

Do you know what local IP address the MBL have?

If you do then try \xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (the MBL’s local IP) in Windows explorer (i suppose you’re using Windows opperanting system).

Try downloading and running Network Scanner at http://www.softperfect.com/products/networkscanner/

See if that finds it.

Thank You for your answer!

Yours quidance is a part of the answer WD Phone support also gave to me.

The problem was, että I was unable to map the MBL hard drive to My computer

and that problem was solved by changing in

WD Quick View /

Dashboard /

My Book Live Settings /

Network / Lan Configuration /

Network mode to Static ( is was earlier DHCP)

And four important numbers had to be written:

IP-Address of  My Book Live


Gateway (almost as IP for MBL only ends …1.1

DNS Server

DNS Server

and Save!

And after that… in My Computer, connect to netdrive (mouse right)

Without that phone support… how could anyone quess those numbers…

Like lottery to quess them correctly! :wink:

Thank you for your answer!

the google DNS.  That’s been my go-to answer for over a year  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello! :slight_smile:

Thank You for your answer!

I wonder… Google and privacy…

I have lost my trust in Google´s spy systems…

Wd MBL should be able to be used without other companies…

Only my computer and WD, so it should be…