MyBookLive not showing in network

My disk do not appear in my home network. Green light on, already tried to restart with button in back, changed power supply, ethernet cable. Cant access it at all. trying to log in by IP numbers, no reply.
I got two discs, other one working fine, appears in network a few moments after restart, but the one with problem gives no response :frowning: what can I do?

Can you access the unit’s Dashboard? Is your router detecting your unit? Do you feel any vibration when you touch your unit? Do you hear a “clicking” sound?

No clicking. No vibrations. Cant get to the unit any way. Green light come on after restart, but nothing in network as well.

Since you did not mention how you found the IP, did you use an IP you had previously or went into the router’s DHCP table to find it?

Run WD LInk and tell us what you see. If you don’t have it get it from the WD download section.

I’ve had the same problem. I found an article from Microsoft wich helped me:

Good luck!

WD link dont see this drive

I got win8.1

I found ip numbers on internet, wchich i should try. None of them work. Drive looks like alive, green light sometimes pulse, leds in back near ethernet cable flashes, but cant find it in laptop/tablet/iphone at all. :sob:

Ok. Problem solved. Drive had static ip same as my tv and it was causin a problem. Thanks for help anyway :slight_smile: