My Book Live WDBACG0030HCH-00 - No communication over the network

I can not get LAN or WiFi communication with this network drive.
Direct connection with a LAN cable for a laptop does not help - no communication.
Connecting to a router with an active dhcp server does not help - no communication.
The green LED is on the front of the drive and does not blink.
The network cable is correct and functional and has no interlacing.
I created a password reset procedure and an ip address ( but it did not help.
No ip address is allocated to the drive and you can not see it by searching in the My Book Live program (WDMyCloud_win.exe installation program).
I installed all the software from but that did not help.
What can cause the lack of communication with this network hard drive?

I have the same issue and it started this weekend. Anyway that i connect it directly to my Laptop with the Ethernet cable and access it that way to see if there are any errors reported?

Can anyone resolve this it is really annoying