New 3TB My Book Live - cannot find on network in order to install!

Hi All

I have read and reread many threads that I think are related to this however I am not great with computers and my last WD device was a nice and easy plug n play whereas this has been a nightmare! Im almost ready to throw it out the window.

Brand new 3 TB My Book Live with personal cloud storage wireless network drive (connect to router so can access wirelessly)

Connected correctly with all the right cables, registered product, inserted CD for installation - cannot get past trying to “discover” the drive on the network. All troubleshooting followed (even for windows xp) and still doesnt work!


What color is the front-panel LED on the MBL?

If it’s Green or Blue, then the WD has completed booting and is on the network.

You can also try logging into your router to see what IP address the router assigned to the MBL.

Once you discover that, you can just browse to that IP address directly.