My Book Live 3TB not seen on the network

I have had my MBL for about three months and suddenly I was no longer able to connect to it.

I resetted the MBL by pressing on the reset button for 4 seconds and now it’s totally gone from the network.

I’m using Cisco E3000 router with DD-WRT and before I was able to see “mybooklive” with ip address next to it but now that is gone.

My MBL is showing a solid green on the front panel and the the light on the ethernet port is both solid and blinking.

I tried to find the MBL by connecting directly to my computer and using WD Link software to map the drive manually but WD Link could not find MBL.

I used the included CD to go through the same process I have before but it cannot find MBL.

I’m using Windows 7 64 bit edition.

Do I need to make a RMA for this product? Is there any way I can save all the photos that I’ve backed up in there?

Thank You

Press the reset button on the backside of the unit for at least 5 seconds. Post your results afterwards.

It still does not work.

Nothing seems to happen.