Lost all connection to MyBookLive

Help please! I cannot access the MBL on my home network. The Ethernet connections are flashing green at the top and amber at the bottom, and the front light is green. I have done a reset and this has not made any difference. I can’t see the MBL on my network and cannot directly connect to it via the IP address and the browser. I can’t connect to it via the WD dashboard software and I can’t connect to it via mobile devices either. It seems to have digitally disappeared, yet I have it physically here in front of me. I have windows 10 on my PC. any ideas gratefully received!

Hi there,

I try to reset the device to see if by doing this you can access it again. The reset button is located on the back of the unit on top of the Ethernet port. Press this button with a paperclip or a pin for 3 to 5 seconds, the unit will do a power cycle, so once the light on the front is green again try to access it.