Unable to see all files online

my online account is not showing all my files. folders with files from a-z end at b. i’m not seeing a second page, or any way to get to the rest of the files.

i am able to see them all on my iPhone app, but not in the web account.

@kirascurro What browser are you using? If I use IE I don’t have that problem.

like @cat0w, i don’t have that problem i’m using firefox, chrome and edge. I create a lot of folders for test. All are available.

I set the zoom on Chrome to 80% then the files appeared.

@Pbekkerh, normally, You have to see at the right the scrollbar. If not, update your application.

i’m using Chrome, and of course i saw the scrollbar. but it was bringing the zoom down to about 50% that finally enabled me to see them all. thanx for the suggestion, Pbekkerh.

Good to know, thanks

hey, guys. it’s me again. moving the zoom down is no longer working for me. at 25%, where i can’t even read the names, i still can’t get all folders a-z. i’ve tried chrome and edge. any other suggestions? i can’t understand why they just don’t have pages 2, 3, etc. i’m on my desktop. someone above mentioned update the app, but i see no way to update on the website.