Can't see all folders with Chrome online

I have many folders on my WD mycloud…and all the folders can be seen on my iphone and with an FTP client. BUT…when looking for folders online (using chrome) it only shows me folders named A-C…and there is no option at the bottom of the page to “go to the next page” to see any folders starting with another letter. Need help on this…please!

Do you have the same problem using Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari or any other web browser, other than Chrome?

It is only happening with Chrome…for I just tried IE and it worked fine. And, WD would not allow me to use Edge browser…

If you have any extensions or add-ons in use on Chrome, try disabling them all and see if the issue continues. If not then enable each extension/add-on one at a time and test to find the offender.

I did as you mentioned…and no change. I also deleted all cookies related to the WD drive and no change…still the same. Any other ideas???