Unable to Perform First Aid & Mount WD Elements Drive

Hi, I purchased a WD Elements drive from Amazon to use on my MacBook Pro. I just ordered it a couple of days ago and I received it yesterday. So I plugged in the drive and opened Disk Utility. For some reason it is greyed out and I am unable to mount it. See this image for reference.

When I click on first aid I’m unable to do it. See this image for reference.

I went to Apple Menu > About This Mac > Hardware > USB
Fortunately it shows up on here, but I cannot figure out what the next step needs to be to get it to show up, so I can use it.

I’m running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 if it matters. Can someone lead me to what my next steps need to be so I can use it? Does it sound like I need to send it back to get a replacement?

Thanks so much!

Hi TS014,

There is no need to send drive for replacement. You can follow the steps provided in below article to mount drive on macOS High Sierra:

Try to format your drive using the Disk utility

Hi Brandon,

I am having the same issue here, with the OS being Mojave.
In any case, the external hard drive (WD Elements) is recognised with the lamp blinking but it cannot be mounted.
Format is exFAT.

Is there a way to mount without formatting the disk, i.e. saving the data?


The HDD was not mountable on Mac, but the files opened under Windows.

After connecting to a Windows machine, now it mounts on Mac. Why though?