Unable to move files using Windows Explorer

From day 1 after I have WD MyCloud I’ve not been able to use Windows Explorer to move files & folders to & back between my computer & MyCloud except when the file is real small, about a few KB. I can see MyCloud in the Network. I can see all the files & folders there. I can move small file of size of less than about 10KB between my computer & MyCloud. But when the file is any bigger it just hanged there.

I have no problem doing same using WDMyCloud desktop application. A file of about 200MB takes about 20 seconds to move from my computer to MyCloud using WDMyCloud desktop application. So, it cannot be my wifi speed problem.

I rang & talked with the WD tech support. After prolonged trials & errors they blamed it on MS Windows Explorer & said they could not help any further.

I am therefore unable to run any applications (e.g. system backup/recovery, file backup/recovery… etc, except WDMyCloud desktop application) that need to move files between my computer & MyCloud.

Has anybody else experienced this before & resolved it? Most grateful if you share the solution. Many thanks.


Hello and welcome to the WD community.

When yo try to copy the files from explorer, is it remotely with the WDMycloud.com or just locally with windows explorer?

I’m copying using windows explorer. Just drag and drop.

Also, thanks! I’ve used WD Products for years and never had any issues. I never seen anything like this.

Sorry wrong post

Thank you ArMak. 

I do so locally within my home. I do not intend to or need to access MyCloud from outside of home.

I forgot to mention that my desktop computers (2  units) run Win 7 Pro. My laptop runs Win 8.1. I can move files back & forth among my computers freely using Win Explorer. Each of the computers can also move file between it & MyCloud using WDMyCloud appln. As mentioned earlier, it take less than 20 seconds to move a file of about 200MB from my computer to MyCloud. But files cannot be moved between any one of the computers & MyCloud with Win Explorer  except when the file is very small.

In sum:

Among the computers – Win Explorer no problem.

Between any of the computers & MyCloud – can use WDMyCloud appln only. Win Explorer is ok only when file is very small.

Pl help. Thank you.


I bought MyCloud primarily to use it as a NAS to store system backup images & data files when running Windows Backup and Restore utility or EaseUS Todo Backup. Now I can’t do that. :cry:


Allow me to add more observations:

  1. I have no problem using Dropbox which is over the net. It does not require special or proprietary application. Just drag & drop, copy & paste, cut & paste in Windows Explorer. It works just as if it is a folder on my computer. If only WDMyCloud works the same simple way.

  2. It appeared that every time I launch WD MyCloud desktop application Windows Explorer wid stop working & give me application error Event ID 1000. So far, I cld not find explanation for or solution to this error on the net.


Just an update.

Western Digital support team have been patient & helpful in trying to solve my problem, albeit to no avail.

I finally found an old modem / router to replace the currently used Aztech DSL7002GRV(S) as suggested by the support team. Lo & behold! The problem was gone.

So, it is the Aztech modem / router that is giving me the problem. I’ve contacted my ISP (which provided the modem / router) as well as the manufacturer Aztech to resolve the problem.