Copying Files from pc to mycloud

I am not sure if this was posted earlier. But i am trying to copy files from my pc but after a certain size like 160 gb it says there is no enough space on the my cloud and it has plenty of space. I would like to know how to copy and the easy possible way to copy all my laptop files on to my cloud. Please let me know and i have used usb to usb and i dont think it works as it didnt recognize the usb and over the network there is a size limit. please let me know. Thank you !!!

What My Cloud model/firmware version are you using?
What operating system are you using and what program within that operating system are you using to copy the files? Windows? Macintosh? Windows File Explorer? Macintosh Finder?

If using Macintosh El Capitan, note that people are having a variety of problems with that OS and the My Cloud. Do a subforum search, via the magnifying glass icon upper right, to search for El Capitan to find the numerous prior threads that discuss the various issues and some workarounds.

Hello bennor,
I am using Windows 10 and I want to copy the files on my Windows 10 to be
copied onto the my cloud using Windows files explorer.

This is the one I own

Firmware version - how can I check that ??

Also under network in my computers on Windows 10 I see WDMYCLOUD and when I
try to open the folder on it it’s asking for network credentials and I am
not sure what to enter there and I am not sure how to see the UI dashboard
of WDMYCLOUD online. Please let me know. Thank you !!!

See the following WD Support document that explains how to access the Dashboard.

The firmware version is listed on the Dashboard.

If you haven’t read the My Cloud User Manual ( you may want to in order to understand how to access the My Cloud and uses its features.

To “map” the My Cloud to a Windows computer to make access easier/quicker see the following WD Support document:

Generally to access the My Cloud that is listed under the Computer section in Windows File Explorer one does not need to initially enter a user name or password to access any Public Share or view the Share listings. Typically only when accessing a Share set to Private or accessing the My Cloud Dashboard when the administration account for the My Cloud has the password enabled does one have to enter a username/password.

More help on how to use the My CLoud can be found at the following WD link:

Generally one cannot access the My Cloud Dashboard from a remote location, the Dashboard is generally only accessible when connected to the same local network as the My Cloud.

Hello Bennor,
I was able to map the drive on the PC and i had to reset the system and now i am able to access the dashboard and all. So i went through all the documents you sent me, but what i was looking was to copy my windows laptop files onto the mycloud permanently like past them on the hardrive. Let me know how to do that. Thank you !!!

It is not quite clear what you are looking to do. If you want to “backup” the files from your computer to the My Cloud, then one can use either the WD Smartware program for Windows included with the My Cloud, Time Machine included with Macintosh, or their own third party backup program if that program is capable of backing up to an Network Attached Storage (NAS) device like the My Cloud.

If you want to “sync” your data from the computer to the My Cloud then one can use the WD Sync program or use a third party sync program like Free File Sync (

If one wants to manually copy a file from their computer to the My Cloud one can simply copy the file using Windows File Explorer or Macintosh Finder.

The WD My Cloud User Manual explains in general terms how to setup and use; WD Smartware, Apple Time Machine, and WD Sync. See Chapter 4, Backing Up and Retrieving Files.

Various WD Software can be downloaded from the WD support site. Select Filter by Product to see a listing of software for the My Cloud.

Yes, i am using windows explorer to copy and paste. To be precise my issue is with copying speed, its taking a lot of time is there any other way to copy them faster like through usb or something??

What is the use of the usb port on the wd my cloud device?

Is the copy speed a different issue than the issue you first posted about at the start of your thread?

How is your computer connected to the network? WiFi or wired Ethernet?

There are numerous reasons that do not involve the My Cloud as why the copy speed might be slow. Start by reading through the following thread:

Then see this link:,2321-3.html

And this one:

The My Cloud User Manual ( explains, in Chapter 12 Connecting a USB Hard Drive, what the USB port on the back of the My Cloud is for. Generally it is for expanding the storage of the My Cloud and for backing up the My Cloud to an external USB hard drive.

You cannot connect the My Cloud to a computer by the My Cloud USB port.

Generally to get the fastest copy speed one needs to have and use a Gigabit switched router/gateway and have Gigabit networking port in their computer, and connect that computer via Ethernet wire to the same Gigabit router/gateway the My Cloud is connected too.

The best way to work this (if you can’t get wifi copy working through MAC explorer, you need filezilla)

(A) Make sure, you have an admin account who has access to all folder. You could reset 40 secs to reset all permissions if you are desperate.
(B) Login to WD console
( C ) Go to Settings -> Network and note down IP Address: like
(D) Enable FTP : Settings -> Network-> FTP Access->On
(E) Make sure your device (wd cloud) is in low temperature room to avoid overheating, user A/C if you have to.
(F) Download Filezilla and login using ftp. Here you need host -> Ip address(Step-C), user id and password(Step A, B). you should be able to see all folders in device.
(G) copy folders (don’t copy all or more than 10GB files in one go, you can try as filezilla has reconnect logic
(H) This is tried and tested method, so should work.
(I) In some version of WD cloud, you need to enable share by folder for ftp, that is why resetting 40 secs should help.

I tried using ethernet directly, but WD device never worked properly, it kept giving me problems, disconnecting, failing to copy. This is why something like filezilla(which can reconnect after failure) is a safe method.