Problem copying to MyCloud

Suddenly I am not able to move video files from my Downloads folder to MyCloud unit. I have 163 GB of storage left and my operating system is Windows 10. Is there a solution to this problem? Thank you.

More information is needed. What specific error message are you receiving? Are you trying to copy the files to a My Cloud on the local network or one located in a remote location? What app or software are you using to copy the files? Windows File Explorer or some other application?

Hi Bennor,

I am not receiving any error message. I am simply trying to move ( not copy) video files from my Downloads folder to the Shared videos folder on the My cloud which is on my local network. When I try, a red circle with a bar shows that I cannot move them. I have been moving files such as this for many years so I am confused. The Cloud capacity is 3TB and there is 168 GB of free space.

Thank you for your interest and any advice is more than welcome.


If you google windows file explorer red circle. You will find several threads talking about various
causes of this issue.

If you haven’t done so already, map the Share as a troubleshooting step.

Also when using Windows File Explorer if may show the My Cloud more than once. It may show the My Cloud DLNA media server. You cannot copy files to that entry in the Windows File Explorer.

Hi Bennor,

Thank you once again and yes I am aware of your point on the DLNA server.

When trying to map the share, when I select the hidden icons as per the instructions, there is no WD icon?

I have no issue seeing and accessin the Cloud and its contents on my PC and TV - my only issue is dragging files from my Downloads folder.

Do you think despite having 168 GB of space left, it may technically be full?


“Hidden icons per the instructions” What hidden icons? Which instructions are you looking at? The Windows 10 instructions?