WD My Cloud Application - why so slow?

Hi, I just bought WD My Cloud and I am quite pleased with it. However I have a question on the WD My Cloud Application installed on my desktop. While at home I started uploading filesbusing the WD My Cloud Application installed on my desktop. Around 2GB took more than an hour to upload. I then tried uploading files from Window (from Windows Explorer I found Network and under Network I found WDMYCLOUD and my folders within this). Using this method the upload speeds are much faster with 6GB in around 15min. I was therefore wondering - out of curiosity - why is the My Cloud Application that slow? How does this application function?

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Windows Explorer is much faster because it is a direction connection between your files and your NAS with no mediator. The application is convenient when you are outside your local network and using Windows Explorer directly is not an option. Otherwise it’s best to use Windows Explorer for direct file management.