Unable to login to/ access non- public shares (Windows 10)

Hi- I have set up my WD EX2 Ultra. I have set up 3 shares- two are public and one requires a password for read/write access.

The My Cloud appears in the ‘Computer’ section of the Network devices list. I can double click, and the shares become visible. I can then click into the 2x public shares, but am denied access to the protected share after entering the username and password. I can access the admin page via the web login.

(I can access the problem share OK if I turn public access on, but problem reoccurs if turned off again).

This problem is occurring on a Windows 10 laptop - up to date with build 19043. The problem does NOT occur on two other windows devices (same version), so must be something to do with the settings on that one particular machine. I have tried the usual things like -

  • enabling SMBv1
  • enabling Netbios over TCP/IP
  • removing all other windows credentials and adding for the WD share
  • in registry / lanmanworkstation: AllowInsecureGuestAuth

I havent done anything with SSH- I have no exerience with it and don’t want to brick my new NAS!

run out of ideas now! hope someone else has some…

I have windows services in the NAS network settings to

|SMB Protocol|* SMB 3||

In my case activating NTLMv1 in the MyCloud’s Windows Services settings did the trick.