Can't access My Cloud EX2 Ultra via Windows Explorer

Received my new NAS drive yesterday (EX2 Ultra 4TB) and have been in the process of setting things up. I can access with no issues via the Web GUI, and via FTP in FileZilla too. I’ve also used Putty to login via SSH and transfer files from old nas to new nas.

My one remaining issue is access to the new nas via Windows Explorer. in Windows 10. I’ve been through the help articles, checked the insecure guest logins, checked SMB 1.0, created share folders, checked the Work Group, etc. I’m at a loss as to why I cant access it? Only error message I have when trying to access is below.


Just a thought I had - due to previous NAS being MyBookLive Duo I had SMB1 enabled in windows features. How likely would this interfere with new NAS being specifically SMB 2/3?

I am still using the not-now -supported

WD Access 1.5.6698.5488 (latest)

We really need this program updated and re-released.

Why it was removed - NO idea

WD Access for Windows supports the newly released WD Cloud Personal Cloud Storage device. This is a utility that will discover your WD Cloud device on your network and provide you tools for uploading files, access to the WD Cloud dashboard and other shortcut features.

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