Unable to get Plex to work on WD My Cloud EX4100

I have installed Plex Media Server on my EX 4100 but am unable to find any way to configure it so that it can display my media. There appears to be no option to make it work like a media server - in fact all options displayed on it when I click on the configure button and my page opens http://xx.xx.xx.xx/plexmediaserver/index.php - it opens as if its a plex client and not a server.

Please see the screen shot below,

As you can see it actually recommends that I get a plex media server. When I installed the app and opened the Plex Media Server the first time it never asked me to give my server a name which I presume it should ask. It did not even ask me about assigning a folder to keep my plex media. And it also didn’t create any folder by the name of Plex in the shares.

Please help me how to correctly install and use the Plex media server as there is not proper support online to help me with my problem.


Plex works better on the larger 8 disk NAS boxes where there is a system board and some RAM can be installed etc.

Its not an issue of performance. The main issue is that its not acting like a server. I cant seem to configure it to show my media

EX4100 does not have as sophisticated setup as some larger NAS units, it is more designed for backups etc. or general NAS storage.

I use a pint sized machine for iTunes server with my NAS as I use an Apple TV box