Need help on how to set up Plex Server on PR4100

I just bought a PR4100 with 32TB and installed Plex Server

I click on the Configure button, this opens up my Plex website to configure my server. When i click on
Your Media it asks to click on Get Plex Media Server button.

I should see my NAS drive or should recognize it and I don’t see anything

CONT. from first post above. Wouldn’t allow me to embed more than 2 images. Apologize in advance.

I click on that and it takes me to the Downloads page. There is an option for Western Digital under the Nas section in the dropdown. I downloaded that file and it is a bin file. Is this the correct file to download? If so how do I install it or do I place it somewhere?

This is where I’m stuck. I found this website Western Digital My Cloud Home | Plex Support but when I go to My Cloud home website, I don’t see a Services for Plex like it is stated in the instructions.

Can someone please help me figure how to finish my install of Plex on my PR4100. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I take it since you just bought your device that it has OS5. You need to go back to the community and beside the orange cloud place your topic in the sub-forum for My Cloud Pro Series.

Online User Guide and Solutions for My Cloud OS 5 (

Thanks. Will do.