Unable to figure out how to use my WD My Passport Wireless Pro 3 GB

Folks, I really need your help.

I can’t figure out what’s wrong - I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. I’ve never used this WD My Passport Wireless Pro on any device or standalone.

After plenty of researching and watching YouTube videos on how to, thinking I was doing everything right, I still cannot make any use out of it (actually I’m not even sure what’s the ‘real’ benefit of having it in 2021), whether trying to run it on my Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy TAB S7 or Lenovo PC. This drive is brand new (until I opened it, was factory sealed since 2016) - given to me as a gift.

So far the following was the only things I did do (*still with error on the mobile devices, and no use having it connected via USB to my PC, except for setting, or via Wi-Fi anywhere):
Since I wasn’t going anywhere after initializing it on the desktop, using the provided installation files that came included on the drive itself, then after installing Android My Cloud OS 3 app on my mobile devices (with issue), I decided to update this drive to the latest firmware v1.04.17, hoping this should help but didn’t. I finally did a restore factory settings to no avail.

*Network connection failure (904), yet I followed the instruction to a Tee (several times over).

When I finally decided to put it to good use, wasting many hours of several days, even opening a WD support ticket last week (still no reply). After reading many post, I finally decided to create my own post on this great community.

Please… your insight/s would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @eliesk,

Please refer to this KB article: How to Setup a My Passport Wireless Pro and SSD using the My Cloud OS 3 Mobile App

For more information, please check: WD My Passport Wireless Pro and SSD Online User Guide and Solutions