WD My Passport wireless 2TB New user problems

Hello all,

I bought a unit yesterday and have numerous issues. I try to log on to my passport wirelessly and it tells me I am connected but it my devices (iphone 6s and ipad mini) won’t let me access the device. they just prompt me to connect to the my passport wireless network.

Secondly the software WD Quickview won’t open when I double click it. (Windows 10)

Lastly if I connect the unit to my laptop it keeps disconnecting and telling me I should format the drive.

I would be grateful for any assistance

Thanks for looking.

The brief instructions are useless. Download the complete user manual.
Are you using the My Cloud app with the MPW? You need to use this app until you know how to use other apps. Put no data on the MPW until you have connected wirelessly mobile devices to it and can play the Sample Media included on the drive.

Quickview? Why this?? You really need the complete manual.

Thanks Mike,

I have got the my cloud app on the iphone and the pad. I can connect to the my passport wireless network but when I go back to my cloud it prompts me to connect to the my passport network which I’m already connected to.

First of all, be fairly close the MPW when connecting your iOS devices first times. Also, get the MPW and mobile devices away from any RF interference near the computer. station. I find that being at a dining table away from gadgets and using the iPad (easier to read) to first setup MPW is a good practice.

See if this works, and if not let me know. Something is amiss; hopefully I can help you get to the bottom of this. My stuff works just fine. Promise you won’t do anything rash out of frustration like re-formatting drive; a stupid move and I cannot (will not) help anyone after that is done. We will take this in small steps. I would suggest re-installing the MC app, but since both iOS devices are barfing, I doubt that would fix things. Let me know your progress.