Unable to create share

Hello All,
I have 2 external USB drives connected to the My Cloud, One is a 4 TB MyBook, and other is a 4 TB MyPassport drive, I have both connected to powered usb hubs. I decided today to swap the 4 TB passport with another same type and size drive. I used the mycloud dashboard to eject the original 4TB , connected the replacement, and again using the dashboard I did a reboot of the mycloud. Once everything comes back online, I have a warning on the UI with the following message:
“Unable to create share
A share could not be created on a USB device (vendor: Western Digital, model: My Passport 25E2, serial number: 575852314539373041324E4C, file system: ntfs, label: Yellow 4TB, share name: Yellow_4TB).
Saturday, July 13, 2019 9:32:20 AM Code 1122”

Does anyone have any idea how to remedy this? By the way I removed the external drive and went back to the one originally used, and it is seen, and the share is back. Both 4TB My Passports purchased same time , I’m stumped. Any and all help is appreciated thanks!

A Bit of an update;
I looked through other posts with similar problems and there were a lot! I have renamed the drive so as not to contain any underscores etc. I ran diskpart from cmd prompt in Win 10 and did a clean, then reformatted. The drive is formatted NTFS and GPT. After the clean and format I copied some files to the drive, rebooted the MyCloud, attached the drive directly to the USB port on the Mycloud (not through a hub) still cannot create a share. Just for Giggles I also tried plugging the drive into my Samsung TV, and it does not detect the drive. I’m wondering if maybe the drive is “hooped”? I had a quick look through the MyCloud user manual, on page 89 it says “You can attach a powered USB hub to the external USB port and attach up to seven USB devices to the hub.” Im going to keep playing around with this but getting close to admitting defeat!:unamused: