Unable to create share

Starting getting backup failures a few months ago (to a USB drive). Finally got time to try and resolve the problem and after a factory reset (including wiping the whole drive). It still cannot connect to a USB drive making the whole drive useless. I will not use a NAS drive that doesn’t have a backup.
Has anyone managed to resolve this issue or is the drive ready for the bin?

This is the message I keep getting after multiple formatting of the HDD (both internal and external). Took me 3 days to copy all the information off the drive so hoping someone has a solution. Been using WD for years but now losing faith in them.

Unable to create share

A share could not be created on a USB device (vendor: Western Digital, model: Elements 107C, serial number: 575854314836343531464D36, file system: ntfs, label: MCBackup, share name: MCBackup).

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 5:19:39 PM

@davies8172 Have you looked at the User Manual for the My Cloud Home? See Chapter three, Backup - USB Device. http://products.wdc.com/library/UM/ENG/4779-705163.pdf