Unable to create share

Starting getting backup failures a few months ago (to a USB drive). Finally got time to try and resolve the problem and after a factory reset (including wiping the whole drive). It still cannot connect to a USB drive making the whole drive useless. I will not use a NAS drive that doesn’t have a backup.
Has anyone managed to resolve this issue or is the drive ready for the bin?

This is the message I keep getting after multiple formatting of the HDD (both internal and external). Took me 3 days to copy all the information off the drive so hoping someone has a solution. Been using WD for years but now losing faith in them.

Unable to create share

A share could not be created on a USB device (vendor: Western Digital, model: Elements 107C, serial number: 575854314836343531464D36, file system: ntfs, label: MCBackup, share name: MCBackup).

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 5:19:39 PM

You’ll need to enable SSH, login as root using Putty or macOS console and run the dmesg command to see what it being logged. Or you can generate the My Cloud system logs, contact support and ask them about it.