Unable to "create password" from the email

Hi ,

I have a MyCloud 2TB model and am trying to set myself up.
When I create an user using my desktop, it emails asking to create a password.

The email body has
“A friend or family member has created a personal cloud for you.
But you’ll need to create a password to access your new cloud.
Create password”

When I click on the “Create password” hyperlink , I get a pop up as follows
"A username and password is being requested by https://stage10files.remotewd5.com. The site says: “Restricted Files”
and it displays a username and password field.

I have tried putting in my username/password (the one created through the desktop for the device) as well as the email/password .

Nothing works to let me create the cloud account.  

Looking for your advice here please. access . I guess I cannot
access the device from the internet if I don’t have this account.



Updating the firmware to the latest release “04.04.02-105” should resolve this issue

Samuel Brown