account creation/login

hi. i’ve recently bought the mycloud single bay device, and managed to setup and access via home wifi.

but when trying to access remotely via, it keeps redirecting me to the login screen which i dont have any password for it.

  • upon setting up/registration, it doesn’t prompt me to create account/password.
  • using the “forgot password”, it keeps saying refer to the email sent which i never (and probably forever never will) receive.
  • googled the link to create mycloud account. after creation it keeps prompting me 9 digit code which my device dont have. i’m not able to create account for the older mycloud device anymore??

now i’m stucked with access via home wifi only. once i stepped out of the house, i’ve no access to it.

contacted wd support and they just replied me with a link to (back to square one!).

can someone please enlighten me what to do?

Assuming you have the “My Cloud” gen 1 or gen 2 and not the “My Cloud Home” device.

Login to the dashboard when connected by wi-fi. Assuming you have already setup your users, go to the “Cloud Access” tab at the top and then click a user on the left hand side. You should then be offered a series of icons/choices where you can get a code or send an e-mail to setup cloud access for that user.

Afterwards you use the users login and password to gain access over the internet.

There should also be hyperlinks to a series of help pages in the centre.

@alvinteo What is showing in the Dashboard under Cloud Access? See example image below. When setting up your device what password did you use along with your email address? Have you visited the Learning Center ? Be sure to read all information and Help provided in the Dashboard too.

@gibbylinks under dashboard >> cloud access, it shows “ Account for xxxxx”, and clicking on the resend button doesn’t send me any email (checked inbox and junk emails, nothing received).

@cat0w under dashboard >> cloud access, its showing “ Account for xxxxx”, and attempts to login using the email address never works, and the resend and “forgot password” options never send me any emails.


apparently it failed to send email to country specific outlook email domain. tried changing to other temporarily email domain and it works. but i don’t wish to create another personal email account just for the sake of using the device.

anyone experienced the same issue using country specific outlook email domain?