Setup Help

Please help.
Im a first time user who doesn’t really understand how to get this all to work.

Firstly I would like individual users set up with password accounts (just like windows users)
secondly I am using android and really don’t get the app! How does the app work and how can I backup my phone to my user account (as above) with password??
thirdly can I stop anyone who has access to my network from using the my cloud drive?

Have you downloaded and read the user manual? Or read the help in the Dashboard?


Here are links to information that should help you.

I’ve managed to create a user and enter my email but I don’t seem to be getting the confirmation emails so I can get a mycloud account. Its not going into any spam folder as that’s the 1st place I check. Im using a email. Any ideas???

Have you looked at the Dashboard under Cloud Access to see what it shows for a Account for you?

I’ve got as far as putting in my email but then it says it should send an email to confirm your account. I never get these emails so when I try and login it doesn’t work!