Can't setup and add new users

I’ve been trying to setup/add outside users to access specfic folders on mycloud. I used the WDmycloudmirror interface (from my web browser). I click on “add a user” fill out the user name, first name, last name, email address and password. Once I added a new uses, I received an email response from WD like the one below:

Your account has been successfully verified and can be accessed here.   We recommend that you save this email for future reference, and if you need help, please visit our support site.

I click on the “here” link and get WDMyCloud - Sign in page. I am ask to enter the email and password (this is email and password used when I setup a new user) but every time I do it, it says invalid email and/or password. I tried this with different email services (gmail, yahoo) but I always get the same problem. 

Can you please help figure why I am getting these error messages. I need to give access to specific folders on my mycloud to firends and family but can’t seems to able to add them as new users. 


This is the My Cloud forum … the My Cloud Mirror forum is here.