Can't add user or modify existing one


I was trying to set up WDcloud for remote access, but no luck: option for setting cloud acces is grayed out, as I didnt give an email address when first registering.

So I went to users, and filled in the “email” field with my email data, but then it freezes with “upadating” and nothing happens, cloud acces is still inaccessible.

Then I decided to add a new user from a scratch - filled the form giving frist name, last name, email and password, and again, it shows “updating”, freezes, and nothing happens at all!

So now I am unable to add any users or use its cloud capabilities…

How to solve this problem? Or is unit faulty and I should return it?

(windows 7 professional 64 bit, same issue with both firefox and IE, current WD firmware: 4.00.01-623)

Is it possiable you have tried to add this user before? I had an issue with a partially added user a few releases back

I would suggest a system only restore, this deletes all users and passwords but not shares and data

It is slow adding/changing users. I have not timed it but seems like 1-3 minutes per user, seems to very on data volume