Problems Creating MyCloud Account

Hi everybody!
I have a big problem with registering mycloud account, my device is the mycloudex2ultra, all the setup went more than fine, also have created the account for my son,
then i discovered that i have not received the confirmation email (my son yes).
Now i can access to the dashboard only in local. and cannot outside to enter into mycloud. ('cause had no possibility to end the procedure of registering)
I have also tried to add a new user (my wife) via dashboard, even she has not received any email.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

check your spam / junk email ?

already done,
checked everywhere :slight_smile: nothing .(

@Corrado You are in the wrong sub-forum for your device, try here.

When you registered your device you should have used an e-mail address for that along with creating a password. Do you remember what you set up? Look at the Dashboard for the address you used, it’s up to you to remember what password you set up. See example image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Many tnks cat0w
I will move the topic in the right section, sorry about that.
Anyway it’s not a device’s problem, I remember perfectly mail address and password, the fact is that after the registration of the device i have not receive the mail for the confirmation, so at the end of the day i do not exist :(((