Create a user

I have been searching everywhere but I cant find the answer anywhere. If I create a new user from the WD Dashboard and create a password for that user and that is then automatically sent to them via email what does the recipient have to do at their end? Do they need me to download the WD desktop app for the pc and I need to tell them where to get that from or does the email they receive explain it all to them?

The email the user receives is for creating a account. It doesn’t contain their password.

Once you create a User and password. You give that information to the user and from there the user can use that information to access any private shares that they have been granted permission to access on the local network using Windows File Explorer or Macintosh Finder. Or use that information in the WD Desktop application or Android/iOS mobile apps.

For remote access, one would use the User and password information in either the WD Desktop program, the Android/iOS mobile apps, or at the web portal to access the My Cloud contents remotely.

If you haven’t already done so it is recommended to read the WD My Cloud User Manual which explains what the User password is for and where to use it.

OK so the user gets an email saying that theres an account been created for them but what do they need to do to log into it? Do they then need to download the WDcloud desktop app? If so do I need to send them a further email with a link to the desktop app or does the first email explain where to get it from?

Again, read the WD My Cloud User Manual ( if you haven’t done so already. It explains how users access the My Cloud, from using Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder, to using WD Desktop, and the WD mobile apps.

You can test out the email reception yourself by inputting your email address and sending a message to it. The email message contains the information/link for a user to visit the ( web portal so they can create an online account.

You give the user their user name and password that you created within the My Cloud Dashboard. The user can then use that information as needed (like when mapping a Private Share) when using Windows File Explorer or Macintosh Finder to access the My Cloud. Or they can use the user name/password information in the various programs mentioned below to access the My Cloud.

Users can download the various My Cloud programs from the WD Support site ( so they can access the My Cloud from their computer or mobile device. Or you/they can use the links below to download the files directly.

WD My Cloud Desktop for Windows:
WD My Cloud Desktop for Mac:
WD SmartWare (Windows):
WD Sync for Windows:
WD Sync for Mac:
WD My Cloud for iOS (Mobile App):
WD Photos for iOS (Mobile App):
WD My Cloud for Android (Mobile App):
WD Photos for Android (Mobile App):

Note: Smartware is a backup program for backing up files from a Windows computer to the My Cloud (or Dropbox).