Unable to access MyCloud files; yellow light blinking

Hello. I’m new to the community, so I need a little help here. My 4TB MyCloud was knocked out by a power surge and came back up with only the yellow light blinking. I can only access the hard drive, but not the Cloud files. Is there anything i’m NOT doing???

A White LED light indicates the unit is powering up or that “reset” has been pressed. If there is a lot of data on the My Cloud it may take the unit some time to finish boot up. One could try doing a 4 second reset or 40 second system restore if the My Cloud doesn’t eventually boot to the blue LED. Since you indicated there was a power surge, if the My Cloud was on a power strip or surge protector, you could try putting the My Cloud on another power strip or surge protector to see if perhaps the power strip or surge protector was damaged by the power surge.


The tables below indicate the general LED status for both the front and back LED’s.

That’s the table for ‘OS3’ firmware. Pre-OS3, blinking yellow was the ‘Attention’ state, which, if you believe that table, is now solid red. Which is indistinguishable from the ‘Fault/Action required’ state. Which would be pretty stupid…

It leads me to suspect that published table is wrong… Easy to test with OS3 firmware: unplug the Ethernet cable, and see what happens.

I’d suggest resetting both router and MyCloud, as a power brownout could have left either in a confused state.

A flashing ‘yellow’ LED may also be ‘white’, which can indicate the drive is sorting out file system issues, which may occur after a power problem.