Led turn Yellow to my WD Cloud

Hi all,

Anyone can advice me why MyCloud front panel just suddenly show yellow LED blinking.

Here is troubleshooting steps I went thorugh:

Confirm the network cable is properly connected to the WD My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage device and the network switch or router.

  1. Make sure the network switch or router has power.

  2. Use a different network cable and port on the network switch or router. Temporarily swapping the WD My Cloud device’s cable port with a working network device may identify any failing cables and ports.

  3. Checking back panel (network) LEDs, both Activity LED & Link LED apperance Off.

If i reset my device, i can loss all the information that i have there or not?
I was conected at the begining and then this turn off.
What should i do?

Can anyone help to advice?

What version of firmware is your device? On version 4.xx firmware the yellow light indicates
A network problem or Temperature problem or Something called a degraded MIR. What are
the color of the leds on the back? If you can get to the dashboard it is not a network problem.


Yellow Blink
The following circumstances trigger this state: • Disk thermal warning threshold exceeded (under or over temp) • Network cable not inserted (Version 4.x)

Here is a link that will take you to links for the User Manuals. Scroll down and click on your Version.

For reset/restore see example image below and read all the Help (?) information provided in the Dashboard. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

I already read the Manual and I do everything, the Light turn green Blinking, but the message is the same, i already change the wireless cable and is the same.
What do i have to do?
The message is the same…!

Green front panel LED?

MyCloud has never used green that I know of.

Are you sure you have the basic, single-drive MyCloud?

If you have changed ethernet cable, router port & reset the router, try resetting the MyCloud.

If neither 4-second nor 40-second resets work, your network port may be dead. The lack of port LED activity shows there is no connection between MyCloud and router. One end, or cable, is broken.