Unable to access MyCloud.com. Help!

Hi all,

Hoping I can get some advice on here for my problem.

I will try and be as detailed as possible so this may be a long read but hopefully whoever reads it wont have to ask many clarifying questions.

So my wife has 2 email addresses (a live .com in her maiden name, and an outlook .com when we got married) the live .com email was the one she used to access the mycloud .com pages and was working fine until recently.

The first issue came about when my father-in-law used that same email address (but a different password) to give her a user name on my in-laws device. So using the live .com email and the password for OUR device, it would shunt her onto theirs. So I thought ‘no problem, ill just change her over to the outlook .com email in the wdmycloud dashboard’. So I did. And I’m fairly sure (though not 100%) that after I changed it I signed in successfully with that email and got onto our cloud.

Today however, she went to sign in and couldn’t. So I check in the dashboard again and changed the password there (then found out that that doesn’t affect the password for the mycloud .com website), so still no luck signing in. In the meantime she went through the ‘forgot you password?’ link and sent that off but has not received an email with details on resetting her password.

I was then able to find her user details in our cloud (mycloud .com) and it said her email address was something like ‘unknown@WDC .com’. Something completely weird anyway. So I deleted that profile and set up a new one with the outlook .com website but she still cant get in. And still no email from WD for resetting her password.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Have you looked at the Dashboard and what address she has showing for Cloud Access, for her share? See example image below.

Yes I’ve made sure that is the outlook .com account as well. I even resorted to deleting her entire profile from the dashboard and setting up a new one but to no avail. The main thing I find odd is how she isn’t getting emails from WD. That would probably solve it