Unable to access MyBookLive Duo's folders

I have an issue and it only happen yesterday. I am unable to access the folders in my WD Mybook Live Duo using my laptop.I can still login to the dashboard. however when I click the existing shortcut to my folder it prompt me for the username and password. I key in my username and passowrd. It indicated it is not valid. I have since log in to dashboard and reconfirm the password. I also reconfirmed and access it using my Iphone using the WD app which I can access it.

I also notice that the NAS do appear in my network however it is not accessible on clicking.
I was wondering is it due to Homegroup and Workgroup issue? As I notice that my laptop has since change to Workgroup and my NAS (from dashboard) has indicated Homegroup.

Can anyone advise me?

If you are using Windows 10 and it has just done a major update, try my solution (Reply 6) from


Thanks for the info… I am not on Window 10. But I believe it is due to recent update…
I will try it tonight. If not I may just remove the recent updates.

Thanks again.

Anthony, It does not work. I am using window 7 home premium edition.
I use to be able to map. but now mapping they ask for credential.After input my id and password… it still doesnot work

Anyone who has this problem can advise me?

Just to add more

This is the error when ever I try either map or create a shortcut to the share folders.
I am totally lost…

Hi Raymond, my post was for Windows 10. Sorry, I’m not sure what can be wrong with Windows 7.