Mybook live duo inaccessible shares

My NAS drive has been getting a bit flaky and sometimes the mapped drives are accessible and sometimes not. Now I am completely unable to access the mapped drives. I can see the NAS under networks and I can access the web interface and all looks good. I have deleted the mappings and tried to recreate them but my Windows PC tells me it can see the drive but not the shares. I can create a new share and map to that but still cannot map to the old shares. Can anyone help?

I have been having the same problem. I noticed when the Icon for the NAS doesn’t look like the My Book Duo ( shinny grey box) then it works. If it looks like a generic network icon then you can only access it’s web page. Also if I sign in with my local windows account , then the old mapped drive links work( still can’t make new ones) but if I sign in with my Microsoft account then no mapping works at all. I have tried linking my Microsoft account the my local account but all it did is screw up my laptop and now I have the same problem on that machine. I think the issue is really login credentials.