Unable to access Mybook live duo

After the firmware update had been successfully applied yesterday, I started the procedure to re-install Twonky Server from scratch again - which I’ve done a number of times before - but only got as far as copying on the software using Putty. when I tried to enter the licence key (having enabled SSH access), I was unable to get any further. Access to the NAS drive at that point became intermittent and then non-existent. When the box is powered up it displays the usual blue led light initially and then goes to a solid green light. The ethernet connection leds are showing solid yellow and intermittent green, as I’d expect. I’ve now attached the box directly to my laptop, but all to no avail. Has anyone any bright ideas or does this sound terminal?

Can you still access the dashboard?

No, I’m afraid that I’ve access to nothing at the moment.

I have the exact same issue.

Fortunately it’s within the warranty period, so WD, look out for my WD My Book Live Duo, it’s flying your way!

Jeez - what’s the point in trying to use some RAID environment for your data, when they suddenly upgrade the firmware and everything is bricked?

I wonder if any of the competitive products have a better track record…

Check your dhcp table and see what IP it is getting.  Can you still ping to it?