Not sure if my DUO is bricked

Hi, Hello, Good-day, and best regards from Malaysia.

First-off its comforting to see a great many sifus giving expert advice and definitive solutions in this community. Kudos!

I have scoured through many of the topics in the last 3 days and was about to embark on nfodiz’s [[GUIDE] Debrick a MyBookLive DUO] ([GUIDE] Debrick a MyBookLive DUO)

My scenario: -
5 year old 6TB Duo on spanning mode.
Cannot login via webUI anymore.
Cannot map anymore.
Can ssh root, but my unix skills are below par.
4-second reset umpteen times, no change.

I would be most grateful should i get any advise as to whether i should proceed with debricking.

My anxiety says there may be an easier solution and i should ask for help first.

BTW i’m a mac user. Please do not hate me.

Thanks all in advance.

I understand that you are unable to access and map the drive, there could be an OS compatibility issue, please refer the link for OS compatibility:Supported Operating Systems for My Book Live and Duo

If you are unable to provide access to the Dashboard, there are a few things that can be attempted:

  • Verify that the network drive’s front LED is green.
  • Use the setup software, if it has not been attempted already. The software can be found in the Online Learning Center.
  • Power Cycle the My Book Live Duo.
  • Unplug the router’s power and wait 30 seconds. Reconnect power to the router and wait for it to reboot. Once this is complete, attempt to access the Dashboard again.
  • If still unable to access the device, please contact us(Contact Support | WD Support) for additional troubleshooting.