After update stuck on Initializing!

Hey guys,

Thankfully I’ve kept a backup of my files as I think this thing is done for, but maybe you can help.

After updating my MyBookLive Duo 4TB, it seems to be stuck on initializing… and has been for 4 hours.

But whats scary is the bottom right shows 0 MB / 0 MB even though its a 4 TB system (although set up in RAID 2TB / 2TB.

I don’t know whats wrong…

I even went as far as trying to do a firmware update via SSH  ( or something like that), but it says there is not enough space to do so.

What can I do?  Is this thing done for?


I know I lost all my data… I just don’t want to go through the entire RMA process again. :frowning:

Well, turns out I didn’t have all my pictures saved… only half of them… and recovery is not working. :frowning:

Spoke to WD this morning and they are RMA’g this unit.

Can’t believe a firmware update destroyed this device.  The firmware update even said successful.  UNBELIEVABLE.

After the initializing saga, the device just wouldn’t respond… No Dashboard, no SSH, no anything. :frowning:

Time to look elsewhere for my needs… Even though they are RMA’g this unit, it simply can’t be trusted… Not even in the RAID 1 configuration that I had it in. :frowning:

If your in the US and willing to sell the enclosure for a reasonable price, I would be interested.
You can keep the drives and repurpose them someplace else.
I’m looking for a unit I can do some testing on with a debricking script.
I already have a couple of greens I can drop in there.