Unable to access my NAS

A few days ago my nightly backups stopped working. Looking into it today, I see that something has changed on my WD My Cloud Home device.

When I try to access it via http://home.mycloud.com/ I’m told I need to install the My Cloud app on my phone in order to access the dashboard for the NAS. I’ve done that and am logged into the app through my phone, and I see my device on the phone.

But when I go back to the web interface and click “Manage Device” to access the dashboard, it only shows me the same page about installing the iOS app and tells me to come back “after you’ve used the mobile app to set up your device”.

HTH do I access my dashboard to re-enable SMB access to the server? I’m stuck in some dumb loop with WD’s software, and I’m ready to toss the lot of it and go with some other company’s product at this point.

The software version on it is 9.5.0-186.

Nobody except you knows how your backup is set up and what you are backing up (iPhone, Android, PC or macOS) or how you are administrating your My Cloud Home FW version 9.5.0-186.

Most users would access the dashboard through the webapp using a browser on the PC or mac.

Please go through the introductory video if you are not familiar with the setup.