Unable to access My Book Live

Until recently I have had know issues with my MyBookLive. I have now rebooted my computer and power Cycled it. I cannot even acces via the IP address. The Light is a yellowish Green. Any thoughts?

Hi Sbrkich,

Just to perform 4 second reset on the My Book Live.

Thanks. Tried this and still nothing. Light is still Yellowish

Hi Sbrkich:
Did you solve this problem?
I’m in the same situation, and I don’t know what to do !!
Thanks a lot, I wait your answer !!

This did not solve the problem. It looks like I will need to have a Tech expert friend look at it and see if it is Salvagable. The data is still there so I can just pull the hard drive out and recover that data. It may be something as simple as some new check box that needs to be checked after the last Windows 10 update.Let me know if you have any luck.Thanks

I work with Mac iOS and I have the same problem. the technical support of WD tells me that after testing reset and connecting it to the PC, it is not solved, that the disk has died and it is only trying to recover the data with any company, but that costs more than 600 €. A friend sent me a YouTube link to remove the hard drive from its casing and I have already done it. He says he has a tool to try to extract the information if it is not damaged. I attached the link: https://youtu.be/P5uKkGT8i4g
When I know something else I tell you, and I hope the same! a greeting.