My book live broken

someone please help me…URGENT!!!

my book live just appear white light only…do not turn to green light…

i heard from my book live 3TB click sound…i cant open my book live server…

everything my important file in that my book live 3 tb…someone who know how can i recover my important file back in that my book live 3tb please tell me because this very urgent…

Try resetting the drive and test with a different cable

i already push the reset button on the back of my book live…but i still got the same answer…now my book live only turn the red light no more blue n white…help me please…coz i need to recover my important file in that hard disk…

It sounds to me like the OS is corrupt or the Hard Drive went belly up. I would call WD Support and setup an RMA and ask them if its ok that you open the case to try to recover the data before sending the drive back. I have a guide that explains how to remove the hard drive from the case and recover the data on the drive. If the drive is not dead and you are able to pull the data off of it the guide goes on further to detail how to recover the OS.

Good luck and if you need any further assistance please post questions in the guide

Same thing happened with my 2TB MBL, except it appears the drive is completely dead. After logging a case, and having no response for several weeks, I finally found the local number to call, hidden deep within the support site.

Basically the drive is dead, WD will only allow a data recovery attempt by a “recognised” data recovery partner, $150 for an assessment, $800-$1,200 for possible recovery. I’m not a small business, these are just TV programs I downloaded off my subscription, I guess I can re-download the ones I want.

Anyway, finally got an RMA number, WD said they would email all the details about where to send it, etc. After a week of nothing, I logged onto WD and found my RMA ticket. Guess what? Because I’m in Australia, bought the drive from Office Works here, apparently I have to sent it to Thialand! At 2.2kg, thats about $60 if I want tracking, another $10 if I want it insured. I can buy the identical WD 2TB Caviar Green drive for about $95 including GST.

I think WD are just paying lip service to the entire warrenty repacement issue, making it so difficult and expensive that customers simply give up in frustration. I’m better off just buying a new drive and seeing if it works in the enclosure, or chucking the whole thing in the bin.

Their “customer service” is absolute **bleep**, and they know it, its a deliberate policy!