Another dead MyBookLive?

Hi folks,

I have a 3TB WD My Book Live (wdbacg0030hch) purchased 2011-10 which I access from various Win7 PCs via my LAN. Unit has been finicky but functional until now. I have always used direct file transfer as oposed to the SmartWare utility.

Now the unit seems to have trouble booting itself. When power is applied I get a solid blue light with a short flicker of yellow every 8 seconds or so. The drive appears to be turning based on sound & vibration. The reset button has no apparent effect - I assume it has not booted up far enough for it to matter. LAN connector eventually blinks green with a solid orange underneath.

Any suggestions for how to get this unit going again?

Failing that, any ideas for getting my files off of the drive? 

Note: I have read the “[GUIDE] How to unbrick a totally dead MBL” thread. Is this my best option at this point?

Many thanks in advance and best wishes to everyone for 2013…

I don’t know where your located, but I would call support and see if they will approve you to open the drive so you can get your data off of it. Then tell them you would like to do an advanced RMA. They will send you a refurbed drive which you can transfer your data on and then send the old drive back.

Chances are pretty high that the hard drive in your current unit is failing.

If you get approval to open the device, use Diskinternals Linux Reader (Linked in my debrick guide) to pull your data off

Good Luck

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Thanks for the clear & helpful response. I’ll give it a try and see what happens…