unable to access locally.

please help for the following problem

  1. when wdcloud has a problem, wdcloud suggests accessing from local. We have 2 accounts namely logistics and engineering. we can access both accounts locally. but there was a problem yesterday on August 25 2023, 1 local account was lost, and August 29 2023 lost 1 more account.
    to open on the website the two accounts can login wdcloudhome instead of logging in for local.
  2. how to overcome it ?

internal server eror

can anyone help solve this problem? is there the same this problem ? Please help

Well I’ve just encountered the same problem I can see the directory through my Phone App BUT as far as LAN nothing everything is gone just like it never existed. So I can’t make Backups I can access through my LAN what the hell everything was working a week or two ago NOW NOTHING NADA. WTH is going on I have the LAN enabled turned on BUT if I try to disable and reenable it gives me an error so something is up on their end NOT ours.

This is one of those thing why can’t we just be a LAN rather than log in to our WD network then we’ll let you have your stuff or see your stuff. LIKE BACK IN THE OLD DAYS RATHER THAN THIS IS OURS THEN YOUR STUFF. We paid good money for these drives and they have made it impossible to use. Thinking about going to a 4 bay TerraMaster I’ve been running a 2 Bay far longer than this WD Home Duo Over ■■■■. Never had so many problems like this WD ■■■■.

K. I figure out my problem go into the enable LAN in discovery and on your profile bubble there is a pull down menu on the selection is Clear all Setting it reset the LAN setting nothing else reenable LAN and type in your existing password and done you should have LAN access again.


Thanks, I was having a similar problem and your query and responses pushed me in the right direction with this guide on how to activate and setup LAN credentials outside of Discovery.

thanks, thanks, thanks, you did it, it is working now

Same problem, but I am missing the menu to clear network connection…