Uable to connect to Web access

Hi WD,

I access thought my Window Laptop. My Cloud device can be found not it show Offline. Mobile access has no issue. May I know what could be the reason and how to solve this issue?

Try accepting the security certificate (option three in your screen capture) and see if that resolves the issue.

This is happening to me as well. The first two is true. The device is on and connected as well as updated to latest firmware. I’ve tried selecting the 3rd option and it just opens a new tab. The tab keeps loading and does not actually give me any option to accept or deny. I’ve allowed pop-ups for the site as well and still nothing. It ends at “HTTP Status 404 - TCP relay failed” Apparently the requested resource is unavailable. Unable to accept anything so far.
I’ve looked around at a few posts and other articles but have found no viable solution yet.

Any other way to resolve this?

Thanks in advance.

Any luck ?
I have the same problem?

None for me sadly… I’ve looked into quite a bit and I think it isn’t working for me because the NAS is on a network protected by a firewall that scans every incoming and outgoing connections. When the site is trying to connect and recognizes that ‘someone’ is scanning the connection, it rejects/cancels it causing the relay failed error. Dunno how to fix it sadly :frowning_face:

Only other solution that I found is to install something like GoodSync server onto the NAS drive which for me requires using SSH and manually connecting to the WD NAS as mine is an old model. Can’t install apps through the WebUI. Need linux command line knowledge and there is a high chance of bricking the drive if I enter the wrong command.
Won’t be doing that unless I learn how to use linux first.

If anyone finds either a guide or a better way to do this, I hope they stumble upon this and help figure this out. Cheers!

The workaround to when the ports used for remote access are blocked by the ISP/broadband provider or by the router’s firewall is to change the single bay/single drive My Cloud’s Cloud Access Option from auto to manual (My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access > Configure) and configure alternate external ports. Then set port forwarding rules in the router’s firewall to forward those new external port values to the My Cloud.

Some more information on using the manual option and port forwarding can be found at the following post (while for a first gen single bay My Cloud, should be similar for a second gen single bay My Cloud).