Twonky sorting music in "folder" mode (still...)

i read this post and its solution to “teach” twonky sorting out music when in “folder” mode

unfortunately it appears that linux skills are required to solve the issue, so i am asking if someone could clarify how a novice - like me - could go about trying to “teach” Twonky to sort music by track number or by the actual file list (and not alfabetically, ignoring track number) when in “folder” mode… a little “tutorial” would go a long way!

thank you since now for any help!

Its not about linux skills, its about what is and isnt possible to do from the twonky settings interface

it isnt possible to do the from the twonky settings interface

so you going to have to edit a file by hand

if you can read you can do it, its easy

You can use putty or winscp, but WinSCP will be the easiest way to do it

WinSCP can be found here

  1. Enable SSH access http://mybooklive/Ui/Ssh

Enable Ssh.jpg

  1. Connect using WinSCP

  2. Login as “root” password is “welc0me”


  1. change path to /usr/local/twonkymedia-5/resources/views

view definition xml.jpg

  1. Open view-definitions.xml by Double Clicking on it

6 Scroll down to till you see this <container name=‘folder’ id=‘music/folders’

music by folder container.jpg

  1. Add albumart and sortcriteris to the container string

You can use, what is already being used on the other music containers

  • albumart=‘1’ sortcriteria=’+pv:numberOfThisDisc,+upnp:originalTrackNumber’

Or you can do as they did in the post you referenced, your choice

  • albumart=‘1’  sortcriteria=’+upnp:originalTrackNumber,+dc:title’

This is the part where you would insert you choice from above

This is what it would look like when added

music by folder container new.jpg

  1. After making the desired changes to view-definitions.xml, save it, close it, and close WinScp

  2. Restart twonky server by unchecking enable and then checking again to enable it

restart twonky.jpg

  1. All done

thanks so much Phibertron for you tutorial! awesome!

too bad I stopped at no. 6: “make desired changes”… LOL

from the post I linked above I do not quite get what strings I am supposed to change, or what I am supposed to add and where…

…still hope in some more help… thank you for your patience!

I made some additional changes fo you, let me know if that clears it up at all

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images speak for themselves… very helpful

just one final question: in the final result, what’s going be the difference between the two choices, the one from the other post and the one you took from the other music containers?

I would agree, pictures do help to get the point across

Its really about the end result you are looking for

the issue is there on that container because there was no sortcriteria defined

If you did as the other post has indicated there is a scenario where it might not work as intended

which is when discnumber comes into play and could be a factor in weird sorting

  • albumart=‘1’  sortcriteria=’+upnp:originalTrackNumber,+dc:title’

If you do what they are already doing by default to the other containers, it will work fine

as long as that sortcriteria works for you on the other containers

  • albumart=‘1’ sortcriteria=’+pv:numberOfThisDisc,+upnp:originalTrackNumber’

You could further test this to see if the results are to your lliking, its both of the above

  • albumart=‘1’ sortcriteria=’+pv:numberOfThisDisc,+upnp:originalTrackNumber,+dc:title’

Theres no right or wrong answer, just the end result of what order or precedence you want things to sort by

which is where sortcriteria comes into play the order in which they are listed left to right is the presedence

and will only use what is listed and no other criteria

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I used the default command as in the other containers with the line: albumart=‘1’ sortcriteria=’+pv:numberOfThisDisc,+upnp:originalTrackNumber’

and it is working exactly as I wanted it to work, sorting titles by track number!

it also shows the albums using the actual name used for the folder where the album is located (I spent the summer cataloguing my music in folders and tagging it properly). So, for instance, under “Enya” the albums (which correspond to different folders) display in alphabetical order according to the name given to the folder itself (so that “1997 - Paint the sky with stars - The Best of Enya” comes before “2005 - Amarantine”). This way of sorting works great for me since I named the folders of each album placing at the beginning the year it has been composed.

Thanks so much again for your great help!!!

Your Welcome

Im glad that I made it easy enough for you to do, hopfully others will also benefit from this thread

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